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Them's the rules, kid.

Listen up! Them's the rules!    Everyday Classroom Behavior:

        1) The usual school rules apply, folks. That means no hats of any kind, no music devices, no cellphones. If they appear in class, they’re mine.
                    1st Offense: gone three days
                    Again: end of the year

        2) You are to speak appropriately at all times. There is no profanity, ever.
        This includes any negatively-connotated references towards race, *sexuality*, national origin, sex, or religion.
                    1st Offense: extra-work will be assigned
                    2nd Offense: you’re after-school AND getting a call home
                    3rd Offense / Subsequent: out you go

        3) There is no food or drink permitted in class, except water. There will be a special ceremony involving the trash-can for rule breakers.
        (Exceptions may be made, and announced ahead of time by me, for special occasions.)

        4) During class discussion, raise your hand if you wish to add something. DO NOT speak while a classmate is speaking.
        DO NOT interrupt me when I am addressing the class. I consider such actions extremely disrespectful and address them harshly.

        5) Treat the classroom respectfully. DO NOT touch items on my desk. If you need something, hole-punch, stapler, etc., ask me OR check our
        “supply table.” DO NOT write on the desks, or you will stay after to clean ALL of them.

        6) There is no talking when a movie is being shown in class. There’s no reason for chit-chat, you’ve got a movie response sheet to fill out while we go and
        so you need to pay attention. If you can’t handle that, you will leave, and take a zero for the day.

        7) Respect my personal space. Do not “break the bubble.”

        8) Do not, at any time, put your head down on your desk. Doing so will only make you want to take a nap. If you fall asleep in class, I will wake you up,
        and you will be asked to leave.

        9) Lastly, on to passes - I rarely give them. Make time for the bathroom, water fountain, etc.
        And there are no passes to guidance – they send for you.

Bring your stuff to class!    Prepping for Class:

        1) Be Prepared: Bring the book (or packet) we are working on, class materials, and all assignments. Or, you’ll fail.

        2) Absences: A note must follow every absence. No note = cut, two cuts = failure. Any work due while you were out is due the first day you’re back,
        no exceptions. Additionally, YOU are responsible for finding out what you missed. Hence, the buddy system.

        3) Tardiness: If you arrive after the bell, take your assigned seat and join in the class. At the end of class, talk to me about why you were late, and
        present passes / notes at that time. REMEMBER – three tardies will be counted as an absence you can’t appeal.

        4) Homework: Do your own. Do not copy. Do not let others copy. I ALWAYS find duplicate homework assignments. Both students receive an “F” for the
        assignment, AND get a call home. I don’t care who did the copying, and who was copied. (See my "Homework" link on the main page for more info.)

Other chances to behave...    Special Circumstances:

        1) Sharing your stuff in class is hard. Consider the words of Robert E. Lee, “To be a good commander, you must send the thing you love to death.”
        And to be a good student, and become a good writer, you must occasionally take your fear in hand, and give the rest of us a chance to offer you some help
        and suggestions. When you share, or listen to someone else sharing, please be confident that they will be respectful, kind listeners. They will.

        2) At some point, I will be absent, and you will have a substitute. You’ll know what to do, because I will leave detailed directions with the sub.
        You’ll do your work, hand it in, and respect the substitute. Them’s the rules. Don’t let me down.

        3) We will make a few trips to the Media Center this year. The rules there are simple, but inflexible. Absolutely no food or drink, including water.
        The computers are only to be used for our class-work, no e-mail, no MySpace, no shoe / music / clothing / sports sites. You must talk quietly.
        If you act differently, I’ll be embarrassed, and there will be serious consequences later.

        4) Another chance to embarrass me, to your detriment, will be when we have a guest speaker. Guest speakers are to be treated with the same respect as me,
        and even with an added touch of decorum. Or your family will be called in to apologize to the speaker on your behalf.

The consequences...    Behavior Modification:

        1) Detention is to be served on the day given or the next day. Failure to show up means you get an automatic administrative detention.
        You’ll serve your time for an hour and a half, or until 3:30, which is when the late-bus arrives.

        2) If you break a class rule more than once in a period, I may ask you to step into the hallway for a moment to “chat.” It may take me a moment to get
        out there, and while you are waiting, you are expected to stand quietly and consider why I’m asking to see you.

Learning CAN be fun.    For you to keep in mind...

        Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival. - W. Edwards Deming

Have a great year! No, I really mean it!

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