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Parents, here's things for you...

To reach a specific guidance counselor, please visit the Westhill Guidance website's counselor contact list.

        Additionally, the "formula" for email addresses for any counselor or teacher is the same: to reach Spiro Milas, it's
        To reach Fran Levin, it's To reach me, click the button below! (Bottom of page.)

        The main guidance page can be found here.

        I often get questions from parents about how best to contact multiple teachers, or arrange a meeting to discuss their child's progress overall.
        I heartily recommend you go through your child's guidance counselor, and have a parent-teacher conference scheduled for afterschool. This will allow you,
        your child, and all 7 of your child's teachers to sit down together and examine patterns and issue (positive and negative) that could be affecting their progress.

The attendance policy is also something I get a lot of questions about. The policy is as follows:

        1) Students are ONLY allowed 7 absences in a quarter. After that, they fail.
        2) Absences are accrued in three ways:
                - Being absent from class WITH a note = 1 absence.
                - Being tardy to class 3 times = 1 absence.
                - Being absent from class without a note = a "cut" = 3 absences
        3) Tardies and Cuts CANNOT be appealed or excused. Encourage your student to be on-time!!!

        Please note: absences without a note are considered "cuts." 2 cuts are all it takes to fail the quarter.

        So when you know your student is going to be absent (family event, etc.) please provide me with a note ahead of time.
        And, when your student has been unexpectedly absent (illness, etc.) please provide me with a note on their FIRST day back.

Want to get more involved? Conisder the WPTSO!

The Westhill Parent Teacher Student Organization does more than the average PTO. Simply take a look at their Parent Participation Form and you'll see
how much! And there's contact info on there too.

Hey! Ms. Tobin! Aren't you the Yearbook Advisor too? How do I get one of those books anyway?

The Yearbook logo... Our Yearbook mascot, Roger.

Sure! To buy a Yearbook, you have a few choices. To do it at-home, and with a debit or credit-card, visit:

        Or, put a check (made out to: Westhill Yearbook) or cash* in an envelope in my mailbox in the main office - "Tobin" under English.
        Or, come to the Yearbook room during Period 7 with cash or check in-hand.

                *To check the current price and availability, email me or call (203) 968-9658.

Questions? Comments? Email Ms. Tobin, by clicking the button:
Email me!

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