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How will we be graded?

        And that's that!

        Or is it? For my fellow educators, and perhaps any parents looking to further the lesson or perhaps modify what I've done here for your own purposes, I offer the following options:

Do your HW!

        1) The 19th Judicial Circuit (of Lake County, IL) has a great guide to Conducting Mock Trials. The rules and structure outlined here could easily be adapted to English (as I demonstrated), History (the Holocaust) or even Science (who's at fault for global warming) classes. Perhaps Math even? Put Copernicus on trial for trying to prove the world is round.

        2) I also found the Rules of Evidence that the House of Representatives agrees on and publishes available on-line. The vocabulary and concepts used here are certainly college-level, but could make this activity adaptable to an AP or other College-prep class.

        3) Lastly, I found an example of a website similar to mine (AFTER coming up with my concept and making these pages) on In this example, Beowulf and Grendel are both put on trial to determine who bears most of the responsibility for the death-toll in "Beowulf." Very creative, and very cool.

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