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Let's start at the very beginning...

        Let's start at the very beginning...most of the novels and dramas we will read this year contain some sort of could be an actual armed event (as with WWI in All Quiet on the Western Front), or an emotional one (as with our narrator's personal struggle with taking the lives of others in order for his to go on in that same novel).

        Regardless, these conflicts produce the same effect on character's in the stories - they are forced to make often difficult choices, life and death ones, in order to make it through whatever conflict they are facing.

        And whether or not we personally agree with the choices these characters made, we have to, as students of literature, examine them on a larger social scale...good vs. evil...moral vs. immoral...right vs. wrong. But who can make these judgments? How can we decide who lives and who dies any better than our character's can?

        We need a structure, a way of examining these very questions that allows for objectivity and rational, reasonable dissection and argument. In short, we need to get legal.

        The Accused:

Holden Caulfield - emotional distresser?     George Milton - best friend killer?      Santiago Nasar - rapist? lover? neither?      Pedro and Pablo Vicario - cold-blooded murderers?

It's time to go to court, and try the cases of some of our prime offenders!

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