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        HOW TO BEGIN:

        1) Once you have received your case and assigned side from me, take a moment to brainstorm as a group any and everything that you think can help make your case. Try to recall specific events, facts and quotes from the novel that you can use to prove the character guilty (prosecution) or innocent (defense) depending on your group assignment.

        2) Then, take a moment to brainstorm what you would use if you were presenting the other side - because that IS what the other side WILL be presenting, and you want to address these issues right away and dismiss them to make your case stronger. Perhaps in your opening argument or closing statement, i.e., "The [name other side here] will present that [my client, or the accused] did / did not [what they are accused of], but as we will clearly show [present your counter argument here]."

Come prepared. It's the law, after all!

        3) As a group, decide on two key witnesses to help make your case. Keep in mind what they actually witnessed or experienced and can testify to [Jane Gallagher can of course show up and talk about what a dismissive boyfriend Holden Caulfield was, while his little sister Phoebe would probably argue strongly what a "great" older brother she has in him], and emotional impact [if you are serving as the defense for Pedro & Pablo Vicario, you need to be prepared for the prosecution to put Santiago Nasar's mother on the stand, and the emotional appeal she can make to the jury for justice for her murdered son].

        4) Now, assign roles: lead attorney, witness 1, witness 2, and secondary / questioning attorney. On the next page, "Roles," you will be visiting some websites that can help you maximize your efficiency as this character / in this part of the task.

        ***However first please visit this page of the FindLaw legal website. It has a brief description of the jobs various people in a courtroom / trial situation have.

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