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What are we doing?

        As a class, we are going to examine some of the key characters and their actions in texts we've read this year. We will do this through a court-like examination of their motives, actions, and responsibilities. Some will be tried for murder, others for lesser crimes, but all will remain innocent - until proven guilty.

Justice should be blind...

        WHO: Your team of 4 will be pitted against another team of 4, in the roles of prosecution and defense. Your task is to seek justice for your client - either the accused, or the State.

        WHAT: Each team will appoint a lead attorney, two witnesses, and a secondary attorney to make your case. For case assignments, scroll to the bottom.

        WHEN / WHERE: The "performance" / presentation will take place on a day as pre-assigned by me, and we will all meet in the Little Theatre for maximum dramatic effect during our usual class time.

        HOW: You will use your oratory skills, pre-gathered facts (including textual citations and references), costumes to denote and add-to your parts, proper courtroom etiquette, and a little dramatic skill to win your case. I will serve as judge and jury, and for each case we examine will declare a winner in either the prosecution or defense based on overall case and presentation.

Possible Case Assignments:

        1) Holden Caulfield, being sued in the matter of emotional distress by the parties Jane Gallagher, Stradlater & Ackley, his own parents, various former teachers, and others he has harassed and abused (see: Faith Cavendish, Carl Luce, etc.).
Prosecution and Defense to be assigned.

        2) George Milton, in the willful murder of his alleged "best friend" Mr. Lennie Small.
Prosecution and Defense
to be assigned.

        3) Santiago Nasar, in the matter of the rape of Angela Vicario - was there sex, was it consensual?
Prosecution and Defense to be assigned.

        4) Pedro & Pablo Vicario, in the matter of the murder of Santiago Nasar for the alleged rape of their sister, Angela.
Prosecution and Defense
to be assigned.

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